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May 8th, 2013, 07:39 AM
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Wow!!! I am quite familiar with almost all of the hospitals in MB (my family is quite accident prone, and we happen to travel (camp) a lot in all areas of the province

SOme of these numbers really surprised me, and others were just sad. If I remember correctly the WHO recommends a c section rate of no higher than 15%... so some of the MB hospitals have doubled that! Scary!

The good news is that the hospital where I plan to deliver, although high on the rate of c sections is highest on the rate of Vbacs! AND I feel confident that being in Midwife care (really really hard to get in MB) will lower my chances of having a section as well.
I think the message this sends is clear though, we have a huge problem in the way we see pregnancy and birth as a medical condition in our country! With rates over 15% Dr.s are putting mom's at greater risk by having major surgery than the risk of delivering normally.

Funny you should bring this up, because I had a good cry the other night about the possibility of having one. I watched a video that made me so emotionally raw, of a momma who had 2 previous sections that were traumatic and she missed out on important bonding with her babies... with her 3rd she was her own advocate, and ended up getting skin to skin with her baby on the OR table, and they only took the baby from her to test/measure etc, and by the time she was wheeled to recovery baby was on her chest again, riding down the hallway! It really made me feel less afraid! She took a 'not-so-great' situation and made the absolute best of it!

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