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May 8th, 2013, 08:19 AM
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Bouncer and bumbo seat Get tooons of use, She loves both of those....Especially the bouncer... same with her playmat, she's been using it since about 3 weeks.... Baby Bjorne has been a literal godsend, I've been using it since m was 4 weeks has been the only way could get some things done around the house especially when she was really tiny and couldnt entertain herself at all... She Loves it....We used it at disney just recently a few weeks ago to and she loved it.. plan on taking it to florida again here soon.. She likes her exosaucer to buy only usually for short term... The swing she only likes when she's tired and works good for naps, but if she's not sleepy she won't sit in it never has wanted to.... Changing pad only use when upstairs downstairs she gets changed anywhere...... She doesn't like her teethers to much, would rather chew on her links or another toy....

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