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May 8th, 2013, 08:30 AM
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So I found out today that all that pelvic pressure I've been feeling? It's the baby's head. His head is crammed into my pelvis, which gave the u/s tech a lot of trouble when she was trying to get some measurements.

He is still measuring big. The measurement she gave me, which is REALLY rough, and she told me to take with a grain of salt, is 7lbs 1 oz. She said he's just a big baby.

When I met with the doctor, he said that a lot of doctors' school of thought is when they see a baby this size, they automatically decide C-Section. His school of thought, however, is "it doesn't hurt to try." So he told me of all the dangers of attempting a vaginal delivery, and cautioned me that even if we tried vaginal delivery, it may turn out we would have to have a c-section anyway. So he told me to think about everything, and not to necessarily make a decision, but get used to the idea that a c-section is a huge possibility. Especially after he tried to check my cervix after my Group B Strep test, and he noted that my pelvis is narrow.

So now I have a lot to think about. I never even gave c-section much thought. So now I have to get used to the idea that even if I do attempt a vaginal birth that I may have to end up having a c-section if the baby is just not coming out. So now, of course, I'm even more nervous about this baby coming.

The tech was able to get one REALLY good picture of his face, even though he was shoved WAY down in my pelvis:

Also? He has LOTS of hair :-D

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