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May 8th, 2013, 08:51 AM
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Aaagh - I deal with this same stuff. I have a little girl and everyone 'wants' me to have a boy. Actually I have a boy preference too to be honest and that just complicates and adds unnecessary guilt

At the NT scan the u/s tech told me that we was pretty sure its a girl. I 'feel' its a girl too and I am pretty much cool with the idea of two little girls now. But I feel like I have to mentally prepare everyone else for a girl !! The main culprits are my MIL, My dad & this one really stupid comment from a cousin. I have told my MIL and Dad that they officially told me its a girl. Just so I can shut them up with all the I- hope-its-a boy comments. My MIL still says things like " Oh God can still change it, it could still be a boy

As for the cousin & her rude comment, my blood still boils when I think of it.. She said " I hope and I will pray for you that its a boy so that your family can be complete" What the heck??? I just can't even!

The only good thing is DH truly has no preference. And he has even been supportive with helping me deal with my personal gender disappointment feelings.
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