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May 8th, 2013, 09:16 AM
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I called in last night cuz it went on for over an hour and it was getting pretty uncomfortable to walk or even sit. She suggested I take a long bath-there are muscles down there, not many, but enough that they can cause pain if tense. Also, baby could have been banging on it. THe bath helped for a while but once I tried getting up and walking around again it started hurting so I basically went to bed. Didn't sleep until well after midnight because I was uncomfortable, having contractions and just really restless. This morning I feel okay but I haven't been walking around a ton. She told me to be sure and mention it today at my appointment so we can keep an eye on it-little one still has quite a bit of cooking left to do and we would rather be ahead of any pre-term labor business than behind the ball on it. I am just hoping the words pelvic rest or bed rest do not get uttered today.
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