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May 8th, 2013, 10:10 AM
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Anyone else dealing with this with your LO? My eats-anything, plays-independently baby has suddenly turned into this very picky eater and more clingy than usual toddler. She only wants food off my plate (won't touch veggies I offer her though). Anything I cut up and give to her as finger food in her high chair is immediately thrown on the floor, even if its exactly what I'm eating. I made eggs and tatertots for breakfast and she wouldn't touch her eggs. She only wants her tatertots. I haven't given her those yet because I want her to eat eggs first, not fill up on tatertots. She still won't touch her eggs. Advice please? She ate a couple bites, but is still throwing her eggs on the floor. I need a break.. A couple days away would be nice.

She is extremely clingy now, too, more so than usual. I don't enjoy myself at church or the weekly bible study or MOPs (moms of preschoolers) group because she won't let me leave her in the nursery anymore. She used to after i got her used to the workers. She always had a blast. I don't know what changed there. One day she just decided she was done. She just fusses through most of church and any other activities. The church we go to has a moms room with the sermon wired in and that's nice so I can at least listen to the sermon with half an ear. The weekly activities, we don't have access to the moms room at all. I know I need to start teaching her about this, but it sucks so much when I'm so constantly tired.
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