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May 8th, 2013, 10:40 AM
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My Pedi said I could start now, Ember is just over 4 months and is sitting up and almost 15 pounds. I want to wait until 6 months though to make sure her stomach and digestive system is fully developed. She isnt demanding more milk, so until she does, I want to wait.

As for cereal, in my opinion it is more like a filler food. It is dense and helps to fill babies up. Most cereals are fortified with iron, but that is really the only nutritional benefit other than being a carb. I am breastfeeding, so Ember is getting all the nutrients from milk and I would personally feel better she fill up on something that is extremely nutritious instead of a "filler." I also am taking the whole approach to solids that all the food I will be trying is just teaching Ember how to eat and see what she likes, more about fun and exploration than nutrition. My milk is her nutrition for now until she will be 1 and then she will get more of her nutrients from eating solids.

Some babies may be hungrier than others and need the rice/cereal. Ember doesnt seem to fall into that category, at least yet, so I am just going to go with breast milk and purees at 6 months.

I am not trying to preach here, just sharing our decision and why we are choosing to forgo the cereal.

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