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May 8th, 2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by d_tops View Post
That is great news! So glad the transition came with some good sleep!

We moved ours to his room last night. He took longer to get to sleep, but then he was fine. I, however, didn't sleep all night, and at 5:30 when I heard him stir I picked him up and brought him to hang out with us. DH said today that he wasn't ready to have the baby so far away and asked if maybe we could bring him back to our room for a little while longer, pretty please? There's plenty of time for independence later, right? It doesn't have to be right now, right? I'm so torn. I want him to get used to his own room while he's still flexible, but I feel so... attached.
It's completely normal for a baby to sleep with his parents. This season in their lives is going to pass so, so quickly; if you want to enjoy the closeness and comfort of having him sleep next to you, then do it! He will be ok and he will eventually learn to sleep on his own.

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