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May 8th, 2013, 12:19 PM
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So I went to the dr. This morning for my NST and everything was good. The babies were not cooperating at first and were moving like crazy! The lady at one point had to use the vibrator to like 'tase' baby B felt really weird!

I told them about my incident of not knowing what the gush last evening was and they had me lay down on my side for a while and then get up she swabbed me and tested the fluid and it didn't test as amniotic fluid but she said I had a lot of discharge so she will test for bacteria or yeast infection. So I am VERY relieved!!! Thry said if it was my wa ter breaking they would have had to keep me in the hospital and stopped labor bc it is still too early. I was having some contractions during my NST but I guess nothing to worry about.

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