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May 8th, 2013, 01:13 PM
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Phd I am surprised you responded to one of my posts after saying would would report me for being a "stalker" if I replied to any of yours.

That said, I don't think teaching my daughter that she doesn't need make up to be beautiful makes me "strict" but hey at least next time someone tells me I'm too relaxed in my parenting I can say at least 1 person thinks I'm strict

When my daughter does start wearing make up I also want to look into what she puts on her skin for health reasons. Perhaps that makes me strict to some. I think it makes me appropriately concerned though.

That's interesting ivy. Thankfully we don't hav a contract like that. It really is crazy how they downright require parents to do things like that, but I guess you just sign up for what you are comfortable with.
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