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May 8th, 2013, 02:55 PM
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FW I agree with Terre. I'd go crazy with that much activity!

FW, I also agree with the others. Be careful!

Terre, may I ask why you have Wyatt all of the time? I think you've said before but I don't remember

Megan made deans list a beauty school....I didn't even know they graded, when I went you either passed or you failed lol

Went to the store because I needed more fuses for the dryer, and got the kids one of those crazy hair sprinkler things. It's so HOT out there, they are having a ball. I'm trying to debate if I'm going to get another pool this year. Last year the dogs and pups destroyed two of them. Were down, numbers wise, on dogs so I'm thinking it might be safe again.
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