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May 8th, 2013, 03:18 PM
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Norah is my easiest baby. My son wasn't difficult per se, but he did need constant attention.

My first daughter was a terrible sleeper for her first year, though she was the happiest little thing during the day. It was like a totally different child, but I was so tired I couldn't fully appreciate her.

My second daughter was a total grump. Smiles were hard to come by and laughs were impossible. Funny because she's pretty happy go lucky now.

All three were very high need, must be held at all times. They all hated the car seat, strollers, swings, and nap times.

Norah on the other hand is a great sleeper, will nap in the swing, doesn't mind the car, lets me stroll her, can be left to nap on her own, and puts up with a lot of jostling from older siblings. She's a pretty happy baby considering the issues she's had.

Mom to Norah (12/5/2012), Stella (5), Elly (7), and Nick (12)

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