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May 8th, 2013, 04:17 PM
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Just remember you don't have to start with decent. You're just calling around! Make notes of all the ones that sound decent/great and then call back your first choice. You don't have to commit now, over the phone, ya know? After you get the information and think you might be interested, say, "Thanks for your time. I think I'm interested and will call back in a couple days to confirm" or whatever. But then, I am really adamant that dealing with "decent" when it comes to medical care, especially concerning my child, is NOT something I'm willing to do if there is possibly a "perfect" match out there. I've dealt with decent too much in the past and know how quickly decent can turn into a major problem.

So wow, he decided to take HIMSELF?! TODAY?! That is soooo awesome! WOooo hoo!!! Sayonara, sucka!

It will be more and bigger and then just bigger but less, but if you are concerned, bring it up with your midwife/doctor and hopefully they will give you peace of mind. What is your activity level like? What are you eating? Does anything seem to effect his movement?

You should be fine setting things up in a few weeks, and if not, I'm sure your mom or sister or someone could help you out? It must feel great to finally be starting the process, though! My daughter loves the changes to her room so far, but it might not be SO exciting for her since it's been gradual. Not like coming home one day to a fully redecorated room, ya know?

That is really interesting about the circumcision. We circ'd our boys, mostly because it was my husband's call (not that I regret it, but I would have been fine skipping it) but my youngest was circ'd by a Rabbi, and I thought the process was a lot gentler/better I think it was later (might have been the 8th day like you said) I think your plan for Elliot sounds perfect and most importantly, your plan sounds like it's something YOU are comfortable with.

I'm not dealing with allergies right now, thankfully, but everyone around me today at daughter's gymnastics was sick. I don't get it? Why would you bring your sick child to gymnastics. I hope I don't get sick from being around it. I need to up my vitamin C for the next few days to be on the safe side, I think, and hopefully that is good enough.

Can't wait to see the toys you picked for Elliot! Our car seat came in today, so that's cool Can't wait for the pack and play but it looks like it might take a couple more weeks to even ship. But I did get a really good deal on it. Next month I want to get the stroller and some other things. Just glad it's all almost done now!! Especially because my book sales have been terrible lately so after next month or the month after I might not have enough money coming in to afford anything.
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