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May 8th, 2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Briar08 View Post
Our feeding team said less formula at a time is better bc more volume means more puking. But that isnt helpful when they dont eat enough as it is honestly. I end up feeding Mika ALL the time...which means he is burning more cals bc he is eatiung more and digesting more.

Is she losing weight?

If so there are a few things you can try

1. Zantac wont stop the puking, but it will make it less acidic so it wont hurt.

2. Thicken the formula

3. Move to an elemental formula like Nutramigen A+ or an Amino Acid formula like PurAmino.

4. Ask your deitican/paed about hyperconcentrating the formula if none of the above work.

5. Add Domperidone, a motility med that helps move the formula through the tummy quicker so there is less to puke.

We do all of the above and Mika still pukes about as much as he keeps down.
He's on Prilosec, taking an elemental formula (Elecare), and it's hyperconcentrated. We haven't thickened it yet, or tried Domperidone, so those are worth considering.

Originally Posted by MammaWannaBe View Post
^^ I haven't really thought about it until now, but Vivi probably pukes up like half her bottle, not just right after, but delayed as well. It could be 2 hours after a bottle and she can still puke up a good amount. It doesn't appear to be curdled most of the time though so I wonder if that's reflux? I'm not sure if it's painful or not though. She doesn't always appear to be uncomfortable, but sometimes she definitely is. It really seems a lot like happy puking, but it's still an absurd amount I think.

Definitely bringing it up to my dr on Monday. I know she is gaining weight so no worries there.

What about you D_Tops?
He spits some up right away, but it's on unpredictable delay. I know some of it is reflux, but the reflux doesn't seem to irritate him anymore, so I was wondering if there was anything else that it could be. Of course, he's on Prilosec and probiotic enzymes, which could be keeping the reflux from bothering him. He's a pretty happy kid if it's still real reflux. He is gaining weight, but not as quickly as she would like. He was in the 3% for height and weight at his 2 month check up, and at 4 months he was at 30% height but below 3% for weight. So, while he is gaining weight (and is already almost 3x his birth weight), it's not proportional to his overall growth, which is the ped's concern.

I'll be interested to hear what your doctor says about this, especially since the spitting doesn't seem to be bothering her, either.

Originally Posted by rlh27 View Post
Lurking from the Dec PR, but my little guy was also a MAJOR spitter. I had to put receiving blankets all over the house or I'd have to steam clean the carpets every day. It seemed like he spit up more than he kept down (I know, not possible, but it was bad). We tried all the tricks, too. What's helped him is pears. I feed him some homemade pureed pears after his 9AM feeding and 7PM feeding, and it's cut down his spitting by about 90%. It helped really quickly, too. I noticed a huge difference the first day he tried them. So when your little ones are ready to start some solids, I'd highly recommend trying pears.
My mom uses pears to keep things moving. She swears they work better than prunes. J doesn't have a constipation issue, but if Domperidone is recommended for motility, maybe prunes serve the same function? Hm, I really like this.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we'll stay on the Prilosec for a while in case the reflux isn't getting any better, but maybe his first food will be pears to see if that helps keep things moving (in the right direction!).
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