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May 8th, 2013, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by MammaWannaBe View Post
Totally feel you. I hope I didn't come off as aggressive, not my intention! I think Rachel said it really well--work with your dr but ultimately follow baby's cues

Does Sophia seem interested in food yet?
Yeah, Sophia smiles like crazy when we eat but I wouldn't say she is "ready". I may "try" around 5 months. If I do cereal, I will do oatmeal though. I can easily follow the same plan as my other 2 but things are constantly changing which is what drives me crazy and I am not the type to go against my dr but like I said he's switching with studies, he's big on that. I also did not feel you being aggressive from your post, I just wanted to let you know this has nothing to do with trust, he is a well known doctor in our area that I have been with since my almost 15 yr old daughter was a baby so he's great but I just wish all Pedi's/studies would stay on the same page......I always have the fear of messing up or doing something wrong even thought this is baby's like starting over again, remember their is a 7 year gap between all my!


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