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May 8th, 2013, 08:31 PM
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Yes, I would much rather be induced than have a c-section *IF* the choice is a true choice and not because something happened that a made a c-section more necessary.

My midwife told me that she would rather I go to 42 weeks again than to put me through another induction. I thanked her for it but I also said that I won't refuse an induction for the sake of refusing one, if it is necessary I will do it. It is much more important to me to bring a healthy baby home than to have my dream labor.

The hardest part was that due to the IVs and monitors, etc. I was not able to move around much at all.
YES. During my first induction I was put on a bunch of monitoring equipment and was pretty much told that I had the option of the bed or the rocking chair. It was incredibly frustrating as I was not on any pain medication and rocking on a ball or walking around would have really helped.

During my second induction I was allowed a bit more freedom of movement because I complained really hard about it at the OB/GYNs. I also said that it was ridiculous for me to go for 12-18 hours of PRE-induction drugs before going through who knows how many hours of ACTUAL induction drugs and then labor WITH NOTHING TO EAT. I demanded that I be allowed to consume clear liquids at least through the pre-induction phase. So, broth, juice, etc. This was also allowed.

You *CAN* refuse continuous monitoring. Put it in your birth plan and talk to your doctor about it so that they can put it in your chart for the hospital to see. Depending on what your doctor says this may mean getting back in bed for 15-20minutes every hour or so. But it's better than being stuck.

OH! And if you have a choice of pre-induction drugs ask for the kind that is on a string that gets placed against your cervix! Otherwise you get a new pill/gel placed against your cervix every couple of hours and it HUUUURTS.

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