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May 8th, 2013, 08:56 PM
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So I googled a little bit more, and it seems like the separations that are associated with bad outcomes are normally on a least three sides. Also in an article on membrane separation after fetal surgery, it said this:

"CMS is a condition characterized by separation of the chorion and amnion usually following traumatic entry into the amniotic cavity. The incidence of CMS diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound has been reported as ranging from 1:187 to 1:4333.3,4,5 In these otherwise normal pregnancies, it is considered a benign finding. Historically, the incidence rises to 10% following amniocentesis2 and 12.5% following fetal surgery.1 Adverse sequelae are more common when the diagnosis is made in these two instances."

So, I don't think on its own it is necessarily something bad.
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