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May 9th, 2013, 06:19 AM
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I have also read some things and watched a couple documentaries that cytotec (the pill they put against your cervix to ripen it) can be very dangerous. It's more dangerous for moms who have had previous c sections, but you never know how you can react. Cytotec is actually not approved by the FDA for cervical ripening, and they cut the pill into quarters, so your dosage isn't actually measured. Plus, once it's it, it's in and any bad side effects are harder to control than if you were induced with Cervidil (the actual cervical ripening drug approved by the FDA for it use). I have actually been induced with cytotec before had had no adverse side affects, but you just never know, I will absolutely refuse them to use it this time. There's so little the hospital tells you about the choices you have.
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