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May 9th, 2013, 07:22 AM
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We are going to do a combo. We are military, so we use a government childcare center. It's highly over-regulated. They have a very specific meal plan and they can't deviate. They can't/won't give our children food until we tell them to, but it has to be their food. We can't bring ANY of our own food except breast milk without a doctor's letter. I guess it's because someone else's kid could be allergic to something we bring, I don't know. Anyway, I haven't talked to them yet about baby-led-weaning, which is what we want to do, but I see them giving other infants baby food. They already tried to talk me into giving my L.O. Rice Cereal at FOUR MONTHS. I said no.

She is 4 months as of next week. We gave her 3 grapes last week. She is teething, and we just let her chew on them (While we held them). She chewed so well that she got a lot of pulp and juice out of them (we were careful she didn't get any skin). She absolutely loved it! However, she had crazy poops for two days. I don't think she was ready. She usually poops once a day or less, and this was like every hour! I don't know if it was actually the grapes, but we aren't doing any more of those for awhile!
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