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May 9th, 2013, 07:30 AM
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I haven't seen my family (parents and brothers) since Christmas. Even though they live almost 12 hours away, I've always seen them at least once every four weeks. I woke up the other day and realized that I probably wouldn't be seeing them until Coy decides to come out. I pretty much just lost it. Snotty, can't hardly breath because I'm gasping for breath, crying so hard I started dry heaving lost it. It was around that time I realized the the hubs is going to be meeting them with dd at some point in the next few weeks in Atlanta. And I won't be able to go. Cue an even harder freak out.
I call my daddy and he's listening to me, though I know he can't understand anything I'm saying and then he starts crying and I felt even more like poo because it's only the third time I've ever heard my daddy cry and it's my fault and so it just got worse. It was a bad couple of hours.
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