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May 9th, 2013, 08:39 AM
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What is causing you baby fever? Seeing my son and remembering how much I loved being pregnant. My son is such a good baby (happy, sleeps 11 hours a night) and brings so much joy. Also, pregnant facebook friends and the ladies from my DDC who are pregnant again.

What is deterring your fever? Baby sleeps but I don't, I am so tired all the time and don't know how I'll handle two babies while being so tired. Also, I'm worried about being sick while pregnant and not being able to care for Frankie properly. I'm also afraid I'd be taking away from Frankie and he won't have the attention he needs.

What is your fever rate (out of 10)! 10/10 lol

Do you think baby fever will cause you to get pregnant sooner than planned? Yes! I really think I'll get pregnant on my honeymoon at the end of this month
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