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May 9th, 2013, 08:47 AM
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The pageant stuff freaks me out a bit. Especially with the flippers and all that nonsense. What is cuter than a kid with missing teeth?! I think makeup for play is fun though. I don't think letting a child wear makeup teaches them they aren't beautiful without it. Sometimes I think we, as parents, think too hard about things like that.

Does makeup enhance beauty? Honestly, I think it does, when applied appropriately. I wear makeup on a daily basis. Not a lot though and people usually think all I wear is shadow or liner/ mascara. But do I look better with it on? Of course! Would I tell my daughter that she looks better with it on? Noooo, but I'm sure at some point she'll think so anyway, no matter when I let her wear it out of the house.

That being said, I don't plan to let my daughter wear makeup until high school. I think that is pretty standard in most homes. Special occasions are just that.
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