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May 9th, 2013, 10:10 AM
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Big update on baby Jocelyn!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep everyone in the loop and answer individual questions. I have been very sick with severe pre-eclampsia and then had a severe hypoglycemic episode where I couldn't move and was slurring my words when I tried to talk so on top of a c-section, I'm also recovering from that.
I'm going to update a little backwards and tell how Jocelyn (JC) is doing, then later I'll tell her birth story.
I saw Jocelyn yesterday and was able to go with her for a dye study where they put dye up and follow it to see where everything is going. She did well and is stable. She is breathing room air which I was so happy about. She is like a puzzle and no one is sure what the picture is or if we have the right parts of it.
We met with a couple of the surgeons who will be taking care of her and learned that she definitely has OEIS complex or cloacle extrophy but that her bladder partially closed and has a layer of skin over it so they aren't as concerned as they would be with it completely open. She also has a mylomeningocele and hip dysplasia but she is moving her legs and responds to touch. They are going to do an MRI on her today to look at that. They are talking about doing a colostomy on Friday and closing the omphalocele which is much smaller than they thought from ultrasounds and may not have the liver involved after all.
She has a lot of edema and they are saying both kidneys are swollen so although it was bad for me, it was really a good thing for her to be born early. They are saying everything is as formed as it could have been and she's acting like she's full term.
She looks just like her siblings and looks identical to one of my kids that also had edema.
She is so sweet and I was able to just stand with my hand on her which made the huge walk over there SO worth it.
I will hopefully hear more news today and they may release me tomorrow so I don't know how much updating I'll do. I'm doing everything from my phone.
She really is a miracle. I'm still in shock that she is here after the doctors telling me it would be a miracle if she survived until birth. It just shows the power of prayer. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and please keep praying for her. We still have a very bumpy long road ahead of us.

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