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May 9th, 2013, 11:42 AM
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Sorry I haven't around as much, girls. My laptop died and I've been going off my phone and slow desktop. I'm still in the process of updating my desktop so hopefully it won't be as slow in the future... not to mention we don't have a great place to set it up so it's in my husband's mancave on his coffee table which requires me to sit on the floor to use it... ha!

Anyway, anyone dealt with this? It almost feels as though my body is having a BH, that tense, lose your breath feeling, but without the tummy hardness. Almost like an anxiety attack. I talked to my doctor about this and she said they are hormonal surges. She said these also come with insomnia (check) and crazy dream (double check).

Basically, they don't cause harm but the only way to help work through them is to do some yoga moves. I just thought I'd pass that along in case anyone is experiencing this or does in the future They are crazy weird. You'd think being on my 4th pregnancy I wouldn't have so many surprises! lol!
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