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May 9th, 2013, 12:10 PM
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This is so me. I have had to lock myself in the bathroom at least once a day to just cry so I don't completely lose it. I have been calling DH constantly just to cry over how mad I am about how gross the house is. (And honestly it is a lot better than it used to be, its just not good enough) and I don't feel well enough to get it where I want it.

I am also barely sleeping at night so I am exhausted which doesn't help things. My poor kids walk on eggshells around me right now.

I could literally punch DH in the face when I hear him sleeping/snoring away soundly in our bed at night while I get up for the 13th time to pee in an hour.

I have said on multiple occasions walking by the kitty litter box that I am not dealing with the cat anymore and he needs a new home. (Which is ridiculous, I love my cat dearly )

DH sat me down and told me I am mean. That is all he said, "Valerie. You are just mean right now." and I cried for like 2 hours over it.

I have never been so emotional in my whole life. Not this bad in any other pregnancies. Just really happy I am in the final stretch and I can go back to being me! I am usually such a nice, gentle person!
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