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May 9th, 2013, 02:33 PM
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Thanks! I'm TRYING to eat healthier. We're also trying the vegetarian thing for a while... my husband's idea, though I'm not opposed.

Too bad your friend having a boy doesn't live closer! It would be neat for your boys to have each other as playmates as they got older.

Your new room looks AMAZING! The light in there is so nice and the space is wonderful! Making your old room into a guest room is a great idea, too.

I hope you feel okay after your glucose test, too. Did they give you any special directions for your test? Like do you have to fast at all or avoid any certain foods like I did?

That is TERRIBLE about your friend. Oh my gosh. Do they know what happened? What caused it? When had the problems first began? She must be devastated. That is any parent's worst nightmare.
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