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May 9th, 2013, 03:14 PM
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Hi all. I love all the threads but feel that I can't get to know everyone well, and focus on the things that join us together. I enjoy getting to know people and their stories....

I'll get started with the family story

I'm 40 years old and remarried in October. BCP's were new for me and my dh wasn't ever going to get fixed, but the pills made me sick to my stomach, and/or my legs hurt. I did cut them off and was intending to speak to my OB to get some new ones, in the mean time I did conceive

I have a back story to pregnancy: about 7 years ago I was hoping to have "just one more baby" and had a serious convo with my then husband. He said okay and I ended up seeing the reproductive endocrynologist. He told us that we were BOTH infertile. He also said that if you "shoot at a target long enough you're bound to hit it" and that when younger we had a higher probability of conceiving. I did see how that is true; at the age of 22, with 4 years of marriage behind me, I gave birth to my first child Eight years later I had our second, with no birth control plan between. Then, four years later I finally had my daughter, the month after the IUI and several months of painful fertility treatments failed. However, I believe that was due, in part, to clearing one of the blocked tubes during the water sonogram. Boy was that painful!

My last baby with ex-DH was what I call my bonus baby. For two medically infertile people we sure appear fertile I love them all.

Back to the present, I was off the pill ONE month and fell pregnant immediately. My DH is 46 and that means we are Abraham and Sarah

My three youngest - 10, 6, and 3, along with his two - 20 and 19, are now all joined together. It's been interesting and mostly smooth

We are Christians but I promise not to be overt with any comments. It is part of my life.

I work from home since I moved across the country to be here. I moved from the west coast to the east and it was fascinating to do so. I've never lived in snow I am an online instructor and teacher.

I know what I'm in for which is the exciting part. It's much worse not knowing what to expect and being hyper-sensitive to the feelings of pregnancy

I probably have more to say but can't think of it now. I hope that others will join in on this journey so that we can be involved with each other's experience. I just want to be able to share with a caring group of ladies

My first sono/ultrasound is in 3 weeks and I'm excited. I am sort of wondering if it is twins. I am thinking it might be possible, and ...well, who knows

<3 Weeee
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