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May 9th, 2013, 04:13 PM
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She emailed me while I was walking to her drop off the letter lol.
They have a dog for me! The load of dogs from CO were supposed to be here the 18th but the vet there had some issues with her truck while she was bringing some dogs to another rescue in CA so that have put her behind schedule on getting the dogs for the rescue I'm going through here and WA ready (spay/neuters, dental cleanings, ect). But I should have a dog here in the next couple weeks. Now I have to start buying all the stuff I need.

I just got back from a 7 mile walk. Walked to give that lady her letter, then back past my apartment and up to the store to grab a few things. I'm wiped now. Hopefully it worked off the iced breve I got while I was out. I'm a coffee noob and didnt realize how much half and half was in a breve. I usually get americanos and add like 2 tbsp at most of half and half or heavy cream, a breve kinda is like a latte but with half and half instead of milk. Used almost all my carbs for the day without realizing. Half and half is low carb, when you're not using TONS of it. It was delicious but definitely a treat very rarely kinda thing.

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