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May 9th, 2013, 07:33 PM
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Okay I was stalking the September bump pics forum (to get an idea of how "normal" I'm looking as I approach 19 weeks - since most Octoberians are behind me, September is a better source of reference material, if you feel me) and anyway - I accidentally posted this post in that forum and didn't notice for a few hours! How embarrassing!

Anyway here's the original post as it was intended - and hopefully in the right place this time (triple check says yes) Okay pushing "post" now! eek.

I want this on the record but I don't want to share with anyone I know IRL - lol:

1) since I conceived I've had an intuition it's a boy

2) a good friend told me she dreamed it's a boy

3) today at yoga practice my instructor was helping me relax in the final pose by pressing my shoulders into the floor and she asked me if it's a boy. I told her I'm finding out soon, and she said "I think it's a boy".

4) today my husband told me a coworker seated near him that he doesn't know that well randomly handed him a cupcake that said "It's a boy!" on it. Kinda funny!

Anyway - I still don't care - I'm happy either way (and I have a girl's name picked out that I absolutely love, so if it's a girl then I get to use it! lol). ...but sometimes it's fun to have a guess and see if you're right. So here it is in writing that my official guess is "boy" - and on Tuesday, we'll hopefully find out for sure!

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