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May 9th, 2013, 09:11 PM
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I'll be curious to see. I've had several intuitive people telling me girl. I don't trust my intuition now, but always assumed my first would be a girl. Then I lost my male dog shortly after finding out I was pregnant and it totally threw my guts for a loop.

I'm a big dog person, he and his sister are litter mates of the dogs my family had growing up, and I've raised them. I started thinking that if I had a boy, there might be a bit of Nole there. So my gut is biased either way.

SO has dreamt girl. My mom dreamt girl. Those who say boy admits they're biased and want me to have a boy. The first baby for my mom was a girl. The first for my cousin was a girl. There seems to be a trend of firstborn girls. I've got to wait til the 20th, grrrr!

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