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May 9th, 2013, 10:56 PM
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I LOVE our RE so much. I basically wanted to do injects and timed intercourse. I didn't even have to push it, he recommended it before I even had to ask. I don't want to do IUI but most will push you to do it, and of course most will then push you for IVF or moving to donor soon. He's willing to go the opposite route, try some lower interventions, go for quality eggs instead of quantity, which is everything I wanted, down to doing TI instead of IUI.

He doesn't want to repeat a ton of tests other than blood work, so no HSG's and all of that since I just had a pregnancy so we don't need to do more unnecessary stuff.

Essentially his clinic will get no income from this. My monitoring for bloodwork and ultrasounds will be in Dallas, so I pay that doctor for that. And my meds come from the pharmacy obviously, so he doesn't see a dime from that. He would financially benefit from pushing IVF or donor, but isn't and isn't willing to go there until I push it myself.

He wants us to wait until it's been 6 months and keep trying on our own, for two reasons.
1. To let my uterus heal for a longer time before chancing it with multiples.
2. To let my own hormones balance out a bit before dumping in meds. We'll run Day 3's when I start my period in a few days

We didn't want to jump to injects until August, which will be around 6 months. It's exactly what I wanted, no issues, no muss, no fuss. He just listens and knows what he's doing.
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