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May 9th, 2013, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by ~ Nicole ~ View Post
Sorry about your BFN. Maybe it is time to start thinking about taking the next step with your BF if you think you are ready to support yourselves and a little one. Not sure how old you are or anything. If your still young and not yet have good jobs than it is better to wait no matter how hard it is. Believe me I know, I started wanting kids at 16. Ended up pregnant at 18. Love my kids but wished we had waited until at least one of us finished college. Things did not get better financially until my DH finished college 8 years after our first child was born.
Yeah I mean we're both not ready yet, we know that. I'm almost 21 and he's almost a decade older than me. The only reason we're not both ready yet is 'cause we have a year left 'til we graduate with our degrees. We agreed that once we save up money for a little while after graduation, then we'll start trying. This was just unexpected, but I still wanted it to be positive so badly...

What's BFN? I have no idea what all these abbreviations are. Figured DH means dear husband?
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