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May 10th, 2013, 07:02 AM
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So our daycare won't do solids until 8 months. They will only do Gerber Baby Food (no outside food) before that. I was hoping to do baby-led weaning, but not sure about exclusive breast milk until 8 months. I hate breast feeding with every fiber of my being.

If I let them start on Gerber at 6 months, they have all the fruits and veggies. Yesterday, I read the labels. None of they have protein. How does an infant get by without protein? What am I missing here?

I'm contemplating switching day cares. I'm Active Duty, and this one is the base day care. They're great, but they are a bit over regulated and have no ability to deviate from their rules.

I also really wanted to make my own baby food if I was going to use baby food. I guess I could still do that for meals at home.

How do baby's just eating baby food survive? I have about 400 ounces of frozen breast milk, so I can supplement, but I feel like baby food is a step back in nutrition from breast milk? NO PROTEIN? Really??
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