Topic: Baby Food?
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May 10th, 2013, 08:53 AM
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My daycare allows me to make my own and bring it in. I can bring it in a tupperware or one of those reusable and fillable pouches.

As far as protein, babies still get all/most of their nutrients from breast milk or formula until they are 1. From my understanding and discussions with my pedi, when you start giving solids, it is not to replace breastmilk or formula, its just as a supplement to. You may have a slight decrease to milk consumption, but it will be small. For instance, the average amount of a milk an exclusively breast fed baby gets is 24-32 oz (huge range but that is why my pedi said) a day and my pedi said when baby is eating solids consistently it decreases about 2 oz. all day.

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