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May 10th, 2013, 09:13 AM
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DS is going to drive me crazy! He won't stop touching things and getting into things he shouldn't be in. I can't leave him to even go to the washroom without him doing something he shouldn't. He crushed a whole bag of crackers into my couch cushions when I went to answer the phone. He has found his sister's hat that she left out and is trying to step on it to crush it, he got into the craft drawer and has thrown everything he could get his hands on out of it including opening a package of pompoms to throw them one by one. I need 6 more hands today.

Glad you have a generator. We're debating getting one when we move. It scares me that utilities think we don't exist, can you imagine how long it might take to get power back if it goes out?

I love baby bunnies!!!!

Hope you got some sleep last night Jess.

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