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May 10th, 2013, 11:37 AM
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At the 3 month check up DD2 should have been vaccinated against 7 illnesses. I thought that was pretty insane so I started condisering delaying and selective vaccnating. I then got a crummy lecture by a doctor who never once asked me what my concerns with the vaccination schedule were, just tried to shame me into compliance. That pretty much cemented for me that no way could I go with the schedule and make that doctor think she swayed me.

With universal healthcare and free shots we dont have any choice in the brand. They just give what they happen to have purchased that year. They give a 5 in 1 shot and then on top of that have the oral rotavirus and pneuomococci. I opted to starting with the scheduled 5-in-1 and MMR at 1yrs of age. She went pretty much on schedule with those just a delayed one. I skipped the rota and pneumo.

I think that for us delaying the vaccines was the best thing ever. I noticed her getting a lot more sick after she had been vaccinated. For her first year she was the healthiest baby in our mom's group. I firmly believe that vaccines depress the immune system for a while after they have been given (another example is DD1 who went 13 months without as much as a runny nose just to get a cold a week after a vaccine).

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