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May 10th, 2013, 12:01 PM
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Shingles - oh no!! I had shingles in November and it was horrible!!!! I had it on the right side of my face and it affected right eye and ear for a little while. I couldn't imagine having the actual rash in my ear. I hope it heals quicker for him! My shingles cased Bells Palsy and I'm still suffering from that 6 months later!f

Yea for a dog and yea for a 7 mile walk.

I'm eating carrots and lunch meat wishing I could eat some chips and salsa Trying to stay strict on my diet is soo hard! But, I am NOT loosing any weight just trying to eat less and exercise more. So, big time dieting I go I hope I start loosing some weight as I'm getting discouraged not loosing any more of pregnancy weight 19 months PP.
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