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May 10th, 2013, 12:19 PM
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If it were my baby I would not want her in a daycare center where I couldn't feed her when and what I want. For example, I am going to be making all of Sophia's baby food homemade so if they were to tell me I can't bring any of that in and she had to be fed Gerber then I would not be happy. You are the mom and you are the one who should choose what and when she eats! As far as breastmilk/formula, babies need to be on that until 1 years old. They can start soild food as early as 4 month old depending on the baby. My doctor told me that the one nutrient that babies seem to start lacking at the age of 6 months old is iron, so that is why he recommends cereal for the iron. As far as the jarred foods, I am no too sure about the nutrients but again, you are the mom so if your plan was to make baby food and you can not while there then my advice to you would be to look around for a place that would allow it. I am a SAHM too so I really don't know how the daycares work though.


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