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May 10th, 2013, 01:01 PM
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^ This is from yesterday afternoon. My husband says it doesn't mean anything, but a line is a line right?
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^ The digital tests still say not pregnant, but the second line on the test strip keeps getting darker. I know you aren't supposed to open them, and a second line doesn't mean anything, but it started out very light and every day it just gets darker and darker. The top strip is from 5/8, the middle is from 5/9 am, and the bottom is from 5/9 pm. Just in that time it has gotten so much darker. That has to mean something.

Thoughts? I think this is it, but my husband is wry discouraging. I am now a week late with NO sign of AF whatsoever. I always get headaches, upset stomach, chocolate cravings, and mild burning cramps before AF. I haven't had any of that. I've had slight nausea and a bit of irritability/feeling like I'm goin to cry all the time. What do you ladies think? Pregnant or not pregnant?
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