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May 10th, 2013, 01:09 PM
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What is causing you baby fever? Well I've wanted kids since I was around 16. Being a mommy has always been one of my biggest dreams ever since I was a little girl. And seeing so many of my friends and soon-to-be relatives (boyfriend's relatives) having babies and settling's getting harder and harder to wait.

Not to mention, taking that pregnancy test a couple nights ago and having it come out negative, and then breaking down about it...really showed me how much I want a baby.

What is deterring your fever? Nothing, really. The only reason we're not actually trying yet is 'cause we're not done with school yet (have a year left 'til we have our degrees) and we can't afford it...and I'd like to enjoy being married for a little bit before becoming a mommy.

What is your fever rate (out of 10)! Probably a 9 or so. An 8 at the lowest.

Do you think baby fever will cause you to get pregnant sooner than planned? I have no idea, honestly. It'll happen when it's meant to happen.
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