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May 10th, 2013, 03:04 PM
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OK, well, I feel kinda stupid. I guess I was thinking she'd go mainly to food. I'm a FTM, and I have done research, but info is spotty. We have a doctor's appointment next week, and I was planning on asking. I need to buy more books or something. Dang! I don't want to use formula that much, so I guess I'll be BFing and pumping longer than I hoped. Boooo....

Anyway, I can switch day care, and I called a few. They are all about 2x the price of the base, and they all have waiting lists. I'll start calling and touring so I can get on a wait list. I can afford the extra cost, I just didn't realize there was that big of a difference.

The base is just over regulated. The way things work is "a rule is a rule" and you can't break any rules. With government regulation, there is no room for common sense sometimes, just rules and checklists. They just have a rule that says no outside food without a doctor's note. The way I understand it, it is all child care centers in the Department of Defense. I've asked some moms at other bases, and it's all the same. Why it is SOOO heavily regulated, I don't know.

They have all kinds of rules. For example, infants can't sleep on the floor (I don't know why). They play on the floor, and then fall asleep, and have to be moved to a crib. This results in my daughter waking up, and not getting any good naps all day.

They also have to throw breastmilk out 1 hour after it is warmed, so if they warm her a bottle and she doesnt' finish it, they can't resave it and throw it out. It was explained to me that since formula is only good for 1 hour after being warmed, that is just a blanket rule to ensure no formula bottle accidently gets used after 1 hour.

The military is really big on safety, and they sometimes take things too far and overcompensate.
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