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May 10th, 2013, 03:58 PM
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Yeah, I wouldn't worry yet either. It could just be you hit a growth spurt. Hopefully you get an ultrasound if you are measuring ahead next time so you can have total piece of mind.

So, we didn't have time/room to get the pack and play today because we had to get groceries and new towels. (I haven't fixed the dryer yet either, but want to before I wash the new towels so I can see if these towels stay in one piece lol FINGER CROSSED!

Hopefully we can get the pack and play tomorrow, because waiting until Monday would drive me mildly crazy.

That is really frustrating about your sister. She knows you need the space and should let you set up before you are too pregnant to do anything. Geesh. Or stay in the guest room so you can set the nursery up. Really inconsiderate. Wow. Especially since she has a place to go already and it's just her being too lazy. Can you parents talk to her, or they won't? Someone needs to tell her that you need to get the nursery set up before you are too pregnant.

Yeah, I can basically get the ultrasound for $59 which is super cheap, but I just don't know.. I only have 2 days to decide.

Yeah, she'll have a busy summer. Mondays will be gymnastics dance and jiu jitsu. Tuesday will be gymnastics camp and team practice. Wednesdays will be jiu jitsu. Thursday will be gymnastics camp and team practice. And Fridays will be gymnastics team practice with the next level up.

Maybe until your sister leaves you can put together some baby stuff and store it in that room? I know it's a small room but at least then all you have to do is move the items once she moves.

Your toenails look so cute! I need to do something like that...

As for my tattoos, I have one of my shoulder that is a four leaf clover (I'm Irish, among other things) with my husband's name underneath. Then on the other side have the Chinese symbols for beauty and strength. Then at the bottom of my spine I have a butterfly with some tribal around it...

I made chick pea salad to go with dinner tonight. I didn't taste it, but it looks like it turned out pretty good.
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