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May 10th, 2013, 06:17 PM
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Yay for baby bunnies!!!!

I would LOVE to go in a hot air balloon! My best friend got engaged in one, super cute!

Things Cam has done in the past 2 days: washed his hands in the toilet, washed his hands in the dogs water bowl, climbed into the kitchen cupboard, tried to grab a tiny spider that was in the bathroom, knocked 2 of his mini-sticks off the wall during diaper changes, he has a gash on his cheek from I have no idea what, almost ate wet cat food at my mom's, pulled a giant cookbook off the shelf and almost took of his toes with it....oh my, I could keep going, those are just what I remember! He'll be 9 months on Sunday...I have a feeling this will get worse before it gets better

Last night's sleep wasn't too bad, not great but not too bad. He went down relatively easy tonight so I'm guessing tonight will be bad...we'll see!
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