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May 10th, 2013, 06:35 PM
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I always knew that whenever I had kids that I wanted them close together. I wasn't sure exactly how close but no farther then 2.5-3yrs. Sawyer and Marshall are almost 25mths apart. It was hard in the beginning when Marshall was super fussy and I was having more problems with PPD/baby blues but now it's pretty easy for the most part and I love how close in age they are! Some days I feel like pulling my hair out but I think every mom goes through days like that no matter how close their kids are. Me and my brother are the exact same age difference as my two and we were always close.

As for other children, I'm not for sure. While I was pregnant I really thought I had it set in stone to wait 4-5yrs then have two more close together. But anymore, now that things are a lot easier, I really think I would like TTC when Marshall's 1.5-2yrs. I'll probably want to even sooner then that but we'll more then likely wait until then so I can lose weight... who knows though!!!

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