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May 10th, 2013, 07:23 PM
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I think a cute note would work for sure

I also think that you might want to think about having a small stash of disposalbe diapers for times when you are gone all day, for example a friend of mine put her son in a disposable diaper when they went shopping down town toronto for the day instead of carrying around used cloth diapers.

I also think you should consider a breast pump. I exclusively breast fed and had to buy a pump because DS was on a nipple shield. I had to pump after every feeding for the first 3-4 weeks BUT I built an amazing stash in my freezer so once DS was older, I could leave him with a bottle of breast milk for a couple hours worry free. Pumps are also great if you get super full and the baby isn't interested in eating/doesn't empty will be so thankful to have a breast pump when that need arises.
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