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May 10th, 2013, 09:09 PM
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Hello everyone. Just have a couple questions but let me start off with the basics. I have always been irregular ever since I first started having periods. Well almost 3 years ago even though I was irregular I still got pregnant with my now 3 yr old son. I had a period the month before I found out with him and I found out at 5 weeks pregnant. I was extremely sick and diagnosed with the severe morning sickness (Forgot how to spell it) and it was a horrible pregnancy. Well I had my last period February 25th and got off on March 1st. Well now I am 46 days late. I took a test April 30th and I got a faint positive with 1 test and then a negative with the 2nd test. So I let it go and said forget it I will try again in a week if I don't get my period. Well now it has been a week and last night I had realized that the area near my pubic bone is HUGE and bulging out just like it did when I was pregnant with my son. I know I know I am going to retest tomorrow and then go to a Dr. but I am wondering if any other mothers have experienced this?? Do you think I could be pregnant with my 2nd miracle?
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