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May 11th, 2013, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by beamermarie View Post
So our daycare won't do solids until 8 months. They will only do Gerber Baby Food (no outside food) before that. I was hoping to do baby-led weaning, but not sure about exclusive breast milk until 8 months. I hate breast feeding with every fiber of my being.

If I let them start on Gerber at 6 months, they have all the fruits and veggies. Yesterday, I read the labels. None of they have protein. How does an infant get by without protein? What am I missing here?

I'm contemplating switching day cares. I'm Active Duty, and this one is the base day care. They're great, but they are a bit over regulated and have no ability to deviate from their rules.

I also really wanted to make my own baby food if I was going to use baby food. I guess I could still do that for meals at home.

How do baby's just eating baby food survive? I have about 400 ounces of frozen breast milk, so I can supplement, but I feel like baby food is a step back in nutrition from breast milk? NO PROTEIN? Really??
David has just started on Gerber Baby Food (1st Foods), but he also has formula to supplement his nutrition. He only gets about a teaspoon of the food and then finishes with formula. We've been working on introducing him to different foods (apples, bananas and carrots) until we can move him into solid foods. The supplementation of the formula has worked very well for his protein and other much needed nutrients. I don't know if this system could work for you, but it is worth a shot. We're using Nutramigen formula by Enfamil (because David also suffers from a bad case of Acid Reflux).

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