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May 11th, 2013, 06:35 AM
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I'm really not sure how things will play out for us. Being that we'll never prevent there is always that slim chance something could happen. Even if it is highly unlikely.

I really want another and we do have a 3rd embryo frozen but there's no way of knowing if it will make it through the thaw or even implant. I'm not really into the idea of another full cycle of IVF again. I would do it if I had to but it was rough. Not only is it hard but these babies cost $14000...I don't see us ever having that again (not that we did before it's all still sitting on a credit card) I would really like to have a singleton pregnancy. I've had it pretty easy with twins in comparison so I feel like I'd like to know what a single is like.

I guess we'll just see where life takes us.

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