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May 11th, 2013, 08:32 AM
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Hi ladies!
Most of you are new here since I used to frequent this board. I'm Natasha, former Host/Co-Host of this board and a PCOS success story. I wanted to share my story with you all, if nothing else, as a way to give renewed hope in a very frustrating process! I'll try to shorten it as much as possible! haha

My DH and I were fighting a losing battle from the start. I knew I had PCOS from my teen years and DH had a vasectomy reversed shortly after we got married. The combo made for a difficult process. I tried Clomid and Femara several times, both with my OB/GYN (only Clomid, not researched enough on Femara to Rx it) and an awesome RE. We even did a round of injectables and IUI that was unsuccessful. We had spent lots of time, money, and prayers just trying to get to our Miracle Baby! Just over 3 years in the process......

In October of 2011, I lost my Mom to breast cancer. Momma Hay, as we all called her, wanted nothing more than to see DH and I have a baby together. (DH has older children from a previous marriage) After we lost her, in November of 2011, we did the round of inj/IUI (which was scheduled for my October cycle, but we cancelled it because of Mom's illness and rapidly declining status). After this procedure, my RE (who I dearly love) told DH and I that if this didn't work, our only other likely option was IVF due to my PCOS and DH's "numbers" not being at the optimal level. Well in December of '11, we of course realized that the IUI was unsuccessful and decided to take a MUCH NEEDED break from the ttc stress and worries to try to enjoy the Holidays and time with our family. Of course being non-medicated, I didn't have a period in January (thank you PCOS). In February of 2012, I visited my regular OB/GYN for my yearly and had discussed with him all that we had tried over the last year (since I had last seen him, since I was then under the care of the RE) and expressed to him that we did not want to give up, but we just weren't ready to jump right back into much more technical and expensive procedures. Thankfully, my GYN is very caring and compassionate and told me that he'd try his best to help us do whatever we wanted to at this point. So we decided that we'd try a few laid-back cycles of Clomid and take it from there. He Rx's Provera to initiate a period and then I took Clomid that cycle. I started af on March 4th '12, and... well.... Didn't have another af until February '13- in a GOOD way!

LinLeigh Quinn (who is named after her late Mamaw Linda, and her Auntie who's middle name is Leigh) was born December 8th, 2012 at 1:24am at 7lb 1.2 oz, 18" long after 19 hours of labor that ended in a c/s!

We fully believe in God's timing for everything! DH graduated with his Master's in Nursing in October of '12 after 8 years of education, and began his career as a Nurse Practitioner shortly after LinLeigh was born. We also fully believe that Momma Hay's spirit had a hand in bringing our miracle to us! "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" rings in my head SO often! I know Mom would have LOVED LinLeigh, and would have loved knowing that DH and I FINALLY were blessed with our baby, but I believe she "knows." We believe she had a hand in with with our Master! LinLeigh brings so much light to the lives of my immediate family! She came into our lives when we needed that extra "something" after losing Mom. Just perfect. God's timing is perfect.

During my pregnancy, we had a couple scares. Also, because of my history of m/c 2 years previously, I of course was just a little afraid. I did the triple screen bloodwork and tested "higher than normal" range for Edward's Syndrome, or Trisomy 18. This got us referred to a specialist where we also found out that I had Placenta Previa (low-lying placenta, over the opening of the cervix). Wonderful. BUT even longer story short, subsequent specialist u/s's later and another type of bloodwork called a Harmony screen that basicly is a genetic test that is this: Mom's blood is spun down extensively until baby's DNA can be seperated from Mom's DNA and Baby's DNA is tested for any abnormalities. Praise God we got very favorable results from this test and my placenta moved out of the way as LinLeigh grew.

I know this is a long, drawn out book, but I just wanted to share my story with you all and to tell you that many, many women who have PCOS have successful pregnancies and happy, healthy babies! I always enjoyed seeing success stories visit here. I hope that maybe at least one person will enjoy reading mine!

Much love to all of you!! Good Luck and Lots of Baby Dust!!!

LinLeigh 5 Months:

*Mommy to LinLeigh Quinn December 8th, 2012*
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