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May 11th, 2013, 11:31 AM
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I have 5 kids and we have done every spacing possible LOL.

ODS to ODD 5 years

ODD to MDS 16.5 months

MDS to YDD 3 yrs

YDD to YDS 9 years

So there is almost 18 years between my oldest and youngest.

Honestly it truely depends on what you are doing in your life at any given time. I waited 5 years bc I was a teen mum and had to finish highschool and college.

My ones that are 16.5 mos apart are extremely close. They never lacked for playmates. But they fight alot.

My ones that are 3 years apart are close, they dont fight really and it was easier.

My ones that are 9 years apart...I like that LOL. She can hold the baby. They dont fight.

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